The 2-Hand Clean Steel Club exercise is built off of the 2-Hand Front Swing, but adds a dynamic pull component to get the Steel Club to the Ready position. This exercise provides the safest way to get the Steel Club to the Ready position in anticipation for any pressing or pullover drills. It should become second nature if you are to advance in your Steel Club skill development.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Grasp the Steel Club with both hands aligned with your shins.

Step 2: Rotate your elbow pits forward to lock out the arms.

Step 3: Angle the Steel Club back and down towards the floor as you sit your hips back.

Step 4: Maintain neutral spinal alignment as you drive your hips forward to a tall standing position to initiate the Steel Club swinging forward.

Step 5: As the elbows break from the body, actively pull them back inline with the ribs.

Step 6: Allow the Steel Club to rotate into the Ready position and actively engage the stabilizing muscles to stop its momentum.