Workout Summary

This killer conditioning sandbag workout features rotational movements combined with 1-Arm Sandbag Shouldering in a non-stop 5 exercise circuit. The workout finishes with the Sandbag Squat Complex exercise, a dynamic strength and conditioning movement that involves concentration and endurance. This workout is part of the Sandbag Training Essentials Workout Plan.

Workout Instructions

Complete Set ‘A’ as a non-stop circuit; no rest in between exercises and a 60-90sec rest in between circuits. Complete the Happy Ending (HE) set with 30 seconds rest in between sets.

A1: Twisting Back Lunge – 5 x 30sec
A2: 1-Arm Shouldering (Left) – 5 x 30sec
A3: Pivoting – 5 x 30sec
A4: 1-Arm Shouldering (Right) – 5 x 30sec
A5: Diagonal Overhead Swing – 5 x 30sec
HE: Squat Complex – 5 x 60sec