The Sandbag Shouldering Squat is a complex, full body coordination movement that works strength and conditioning simultaneously. Take note that the Sandbag Shouldering Squat is not a Shouldering movement followed by a Squat, rather, it’s supposed to seamlessly combine the two. Ideally, this exercise variation should be more efficient than breaking down the movement into different parts.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Set the sandbag in between your legs, parallel to your feet. Grab the sandbag by the sides (not the handles). Seek to keep a neutral spine prior to lifting the weight off the ground.

Step 2: Keeping a tight core, explosively pull the sandbag off the ground towards one shoulder. At the same time, drop your hips towards the ground in a squatting motion.

Step 3: Ideally, the sandbag should land on your shoulder at the same moment you reach the bottom of the squat. From here, you can either begin dropping the sandbag towards the ground as you raise your hips, or to make it more difficult, lock out at the top of the squat prior to dropping the sandbag toward the ground.

Tips & Safety: Be sure to keep your arms locked out as you start the explosive shouldering motion at the beginning of each rep. When you unshoulder the weight, don’t comprise back by allowing the weight to pull you down, rather, follow it down and seek to allow the sandbag to softly land on the ground (this will also increase the longevity of your sandbag).