If you are not already training with Atlas Stones, it’s about time to go out and make or buy one! Start lifting some serious weight and watch your strength go up to caveman beast levels. There are two places that you can get Atlas Stone molds: Hybrid Athletics and Slater’s Hardware. Since both companies make awesome atlas stone molds, read my review if you’re not sure which one to get.

How to Make Atlas Stones: Caveman Tips For Stone-Making Success

Top tips for making Atlas Stones

Unlike most pieces of equipment that can be bought and shipped, the majority of people interested in obtaining an Atlas Stone will need to buy a mold and make them from scratch (unless you know someone like me nearby). Building the perfect stone takes time and the best materials. Here are a few tips to building the perfect Atlas Stone:

Atlas Stone Making Tip 1:

Start by wiping down the stone molds and making sure that there are no dents or old concrete stuck to the inside.

Atlas Stone Making Tip 2:

Spray the inside of the mold with a silicone texture to make sure that the concrete doesn’t stick. This also makes for an easy release.

Atlas Stone Making Tip 3:

Use Quick Crete 5000 psi fast-strengthening mix (you can get this at any hardware store). Put concrete fibers in the mix to add extra strength.

Atlas Stone Making Tip 4:

When placing the mixture into the molds, always shake and stir the mold and mixture to make sure all the air bubbles come to the top of the stone, this helps press the concrete into the mold. Tap the outside of the mold when it is almost full to let all excess water and air pockets escape. If you don’t do this, the stone will not be as strong, it will not have a smooth surface , and it won’t look very good either.

Atlas Stone Making Tip 5:

Let the molds set for at least four days before cracking them out. It is best to allow the stone to cure in the mold for up to 21 days for max strength. After cracking the stone from the mold, use sandpaper to sand off any rough edges. After this, let the stones harden for another four days before lifting them (a total of eight days to harden and become stronger). The longer the stone sets without being lifted, the stronger the stone gets.

Atlas Stone Making Tip 6:

Add a foam ball insert or weighted insert to make custom weights. For example, I have an 18-inch stone that only weighs 160 pounds because I added a foam insert in the center; this allows me to get used to the bigger size of the stone and rep out with it. When I want to go heavy, I have another 18-inch stone “max stone” with a weighted insert that weighs 300 pounds. This Atlas Stone training concept is similar to kettlebell lifting in Girevoy Sport: perfect your lifting technique with one size and various weights.

Need an Atlas Stone Mold?

You have two primary choices for Atlas Stone molds (both are good): Hybrid Athletics and Slaters Hardware. To find out which one is for you, read our Atlas Stone Mold Comparison article.