The Shoulder to Shoulder Press builds shoulder strength as well as endurance. It is a fantastic core strengthener as it requires that you keep your core tight and engaged throughout the movement. Work your way up to a heavier sandbag and be prepared for some serious strength.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Place your sandbag in between your feet with your legs shoulder width apart. Grab the sandbag by the sides (not the handles) and use a full body movement to shoulder it on one side.

Step 2: Locking out your knees, keeping your core tight, and your shoulders packed, press the sandbag directly overhead by engaging your lats.

Step 3: Lock out your arms overhead seeking to move your head as little as possible (don’t tilt your neck). After briefly pausing at the lockout, lower the sandbag to your opposite shoulder, again engaging your lats and keeping your shoulders packed throughout the movement.

Tips & Safety: The sandbag may hit your head depending on the size and fullness of the tool. Too avoid this from happening, simply fill the bag with more material; if you don’t want to add weight when doing this, simply use towels.