The Sandbag Spin exercises involves a full rotation of the sandbag from the front of your body to the back. This rotational movement involves shoulder flexibility and core strength. This variation requires that you keep your core as tight as possible, resisting the urge to flex and counterbalance the swinging weight with your body. It will build incredible core strength, full body coordination, and shoulder mobility when performed correctly.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Pick up the sandbag from the straps on the ends. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, swing the sandbag from side to side in front of you, counterbalancing the movement with a slight shift of your hips.

Step 2: Once you are flowing with the movement, swing the sandbag all the way up and over your shoulder, keeping your core tight and elbows in.

Step 3: As the sandbag rotates behind your head, begin pulling it back in front your body, over your opposite shoulder. As it falls forward, begin locking out your arms to catch the weight in front of you in a smooth motion, controlling it into another repetition.

Tips & Safety: The best way to load the sandbag for this exercise is with a weight in the center of implement. If you have a Steel Bell, simply load one; the centrifugal forces you’ll be generating will keep it centered as you perform each rotation.