This week’s Rite of Passage at the Onnit Academy is the Single Leg Burpee Suspension Exercise. This single leg movement is exactly what it sounds like, a suspended Burpee with one leg never touching the ground.Onnit Battle Ring Suspension Trainer

If you like the full body engagement of the standard Burpee, you’ll enjoy how this drill takes the concept to a much more intense and difficult level. With one foot in a Battle Ring, simply perform a Burpee while seeking to avoid hip or shoulder rotation with each rep.

This highly-integrated exercise combines a single leg jump, Skater Squat, 1-Leg Push Up, and 1-Leg Sprawl into a single, seamless movement. Each of these exercises are great on their own, but when combined they offer some very interesting benefits.

Hip mobility, single leg strength and power, core strength, and upper-body explosiveness are only a few of the elements that are at work. Additionally, there are a number of variations and additions to the exercise that will keep it challenging and interesting.

Every week at the Onnit Academy Gym we test one of the Rites of Passage. The Rites of Passage are created to eliminate any and all forms of “cheating” that are typically seen in fitness competition, boiling down people’s physical and mental abilities to see who is truly “fit” (as defined by the Onnit Academy).

Rules of the Rite

Single Leg Battle Ring Burpee

There are two classes: Amateur and Alpha. The 5-Minute Single Leg Burpee Test will challenge your conditioning like few other drills can. Having one leg elevated in the Battle Rings while the other is working places a high demand on rotational stability.

Perform as many repetitions as possible aiming to balance the work on each side in the 5-minute work set. The total number of counted repetitions will be your final score.

Single Leg Battle Ring Burpee Rite of Passage

How to Perform the Single Leg Battle Ring Burpee

Step 1: Adjust your Battle Rings so that one end is about 3-6 inches off the ground. Sit on the ground and stick one foot through, then turn over and get into a Push Up position.

Step 2: While seeking to avoid rotating your hips by stabilizing your core, descend into a Skater Squat before your hands touch the ground.

Step 3: Perform a Push Up. As you push up from the bottom position, bring your knee to your chest to get your front foot flat and immediately jump up from the ground.

Step 4: Land softly on the ball of your foot and immediately Skater Squat back down and sprawl out into a Push Up position. Flow into each repetition.

Tips & Safety: Try to make the movement flow as smoothly as possible by working on stabilizing your body with each transition.