Workout Summary

This beginner kettlebell workout can be performed by almost anyone to hit the lower body using six different movements in three supersets. While this kettlebell workout focuses on lower body movements, it will also engage your core and upper body at the same time.

Workout Instructions

Complete Group Sequence before moving to next group rest as needed before moving to next group.

A1. Squat Press 3 rounds x 10 reps

A2. Goblet Squat 3 rounds x 20 reps

B1. Squat to Halo 3 rounds x 10 reps

B2. Halo 3 rounds x 20 reps

C1. 2 Hand Lunge (each side) 3 x 10 reps

C2. 2 Hand Split Lunge (each side) 3 rounds x 10 reps

Other Workout Details

Workout Created by: Mark de Grasse

Workout Demonstrated by: Jena Mays

Equipment Used8 kg Onnit Kettlebell