The round kick is the bread and butter strike of Muay Thai, and should be a staple in every MMA athlete’s arsenal. We teamed up with the UFC Bantamweight Champion of the World, Onnit’s own T.J. Dillashaw to show you how to perfectly perform the round kick. Always make sure you work with a partner, so you know if your kicks are landing properly, T.J. is using UFC lightweight Danny Castillo as his partner.

Round Kick Steps

Step 1:  Always make sure you keep a proper fight stance, with your hands up protecting your face.

Step 2: Take a jab step with your front foot, so your front step ends forward on your toes, and tilted outwards.

Step 3: Throw the striking knee up and over, while simultaneously putting your striking side hand into your opponents face.

Step 4: When you land your shin into your opponent’s body, pause and check your form. Your shin, hip and chest should be in a perfect line.

Step 5: Push your shin off his body to return to your fight stance.