Today’s focus in the how to fight series is learning how to strike after a leg kick. During the course of the series I have covered the round kick, and how to counter a strike with an outside round kick. Now, I will show you how to perform a 1-2 strike combo after landing a round kick.

When you throw a round kick, your opponent usually is not expecting another strike immediately. This is called an off beat. Instead of this off beat you are going to go straight into your 1-2 combo, as opposed to relaxing and dancing around after your round kick.

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Leg Kick to Strike Combo Steps

Step 1: Start with a basic round kick to the leg. If you forgot how to do this, you can go over my tutorial from earlier in the series found here.

Step 2: When you return from your round kick, immediately go into your 1-2 combo.

Step 3: Remember to always throw your punch right into the “mits” of your opponent.

Step 4: You can throw any kind of combo you want off of it. I like to use my lead hand.

How to Fight: TJ Dillashaw's Leg Kick to Strike Combo