Can you defeat the cyclops? We dare you to flip this goliath in a new kettlebell challenge.

One of the neat things about the Legend Bell Kettlebell Series is that they are not just built for looks. They are fully functional and completely balanced just like your typical kettlebell.

To prove this, I am going to perform a kettlebell or in this case, a Legend Bell Front Flip. The Kettlebell Front Flip is great for testing your grip strength and to see if you are generating enough force with your Kettlebell Swing to make it weightless at the top of each rep.

Kettlebell Front Flip Steps

Step 1: First off, make sure you have a strong 2-Hand Kettlebell Swing. If your swing is weak, work on it until it is strong enough to create a weightless kettlebell at the top of the swing.

Step 2: Your first thought would be to pull the kettlebell to your face, but you actually want to push the kettlebell away from you. This keeps the kettlebell from hitting your face, and it forces the handle of the kettlebell over the ball and back into your hand.

Step 3: The handle of the bell should come right back into your hands. If done correctly, you can hinge back into your swing and perform another rep.

Tips & Safety: The stronger your Kettlebell Swing, the more time you will have to push it away from you, catch it, and carry it back into your swing. Remember, you should not be trying to perform a front flip if you don’t have a solid 2-Hand Kettlebell Swing.

Cyclops Kettlebell Challenge: Can You Flip the Goliath