Personally, I appreciate the biggest bang for the buck, whether we are talking good food, entertainment, or workout routines to blast fat.

I would much rather spend twenty minutes working hard to lose a few pounds than forty minutes for the same results.

Which is why I put together these 23 battle rope exercises for you to burn fat faster.

These 23 battle rope moves will not only help you eliminate that unwanted weight around your waist, but it will help you build lean, strong muscle in your arms, chest, back, abs and bottom half.

Either perform them in addition to your routine or use them as a stand-alone power workout to reduce your fat and shed those pounds. Here they are.

23 Battle Ropes Exercises to Burn More Fat

1. Lateral Shuffle with Alternating Waves
2. Forward and Backward Shuffle with Alternating Waves
3. Squat with Alternating Waves
4. Jumping Jack Burpees with Battle Ropes
5. Split Squats with Rainbows
6. Reverse Lunges with Rope Slams
7. Lateral Shuffle with Hooks
8. Monster Walks
9. Plank Waves
10. Sit Throughs
11. Skater Jumps with Rainbows
12. Full Body Arcs with Rotating Lunges
13. Forward Lunges with Outside Circles
14. Ali Shuffle with In-and-Out Waves
15. Flutter Kicks with Alternating Waves
16. Reverse Fly with Plank Hops
17. Squat Presses
18. Full-Length Vertical Waves
19. Full-Length Body Circles
20. Rope Hops to Reverse Crawls
21. Rope Rotations To Forward Crawls
22. Rope Dragon Flags to Clock Drops
23. Superman Push-ups to Jumping Power Slams To Alternating Waves with Fast Feet

Some of these may take some continuous work to build up to, but most of these are very low impact, yet pack an enormous calorie-burning punch.

If you are doing these exercises by themselves, I will pick three or four that you know you can do, and perform them for 10-40 seconds each, with minimal rest for 5 to 10 rounds.

With a good warm-up and cool down, you will be fighting fat in no time.

Don’t forget to eat well, hydrate well, and get good sleep, so your hormone structure works with you instead of against you.

Every day at the gym is a day closer to wearing the clothes you desire with the body you have been envisioning.

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