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6 Benefits of Battle Ropes Training

6 Benefits of Battle Ropes Training

Written by
March 15, 2016
Updated February 18, 2019

Battle ropes training is becoming increasingly popular in gyms around the country. They are now commonplace in commercial gyms, boot camps and are being utilized by many personal trainers.

The battle ropes are very simple in design. They are literally just a rope that can be made from either manila or poly. They can vary in diameter and length and this is one of many methods to progress the difficulty.

The longer ropes are more ideal for pulling movements whist the thicker ropes are advantageous for developing power and grip strength. They should have handles and some may have a protective sheaf to protect degradation.

They are wrapped around an anchor point and the two sides should be of equal distance.

The Battle Ropes training system was developed by the legendary John Brookfield in the US. John is well renowned for his unconventional training methods with professional athletes.

The inspiration for battle ropes training came after John was at a wharf staring at a rope that was tied to a boat. He was mesmerized by the wave like movements of the rope and sought to replicate it.

If you have seen battle ropes training taking place then you know it looks impressive but is it effective? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ and this is especially the case if you know how to use them correctly. Here is a list of just some of the main benefits of battle ropes training:

Battle Ropes Develop Impressive Metabolic Results in Limited Time

There haven’t been a lot of studies completed with Battle Ropes because it is such a new training tool. However, the research that has been done confirms what we assumed.

Battle rope training demands more oxygen and elevates post exercise oxygen consumption more than many other forms of traditional training. This means it is an incredible fat blasting tool that makes you stronger, fitter and more powerful all at the same time.

This translates to better athletic performance, a leaner and more toned physique and an increased capacity for work.

Battle Ropes are Versatile

Battle Ropes are also brilliant because they are portable and you can train almost anywhere with them. You just need a bit of space and you can train in a park, on the beach or at the gym.

Most people simply complete two handed or alternating waves with the battle rope, but there is so much more you can be doing. There are over 30 wave based movements that challenge the upper body, lower body and core in unique ways.

There are exercises that are specific for power, aerobic endurance, anaerobic endurance and strength endurance. You can complete the exercises with a partner or on your own. They are also incredibly time efficient.

If you have 10 minutes, then you can still undertake a vigorous workout that trains the whole body.

It is also really easy to regress or progress the battle rope difficulty using a variety of techniques. This includes the location of the body in relation to the anchor point, grip, tempo and the duration of the set.

Battle Ropes are Fun

Clients are instantly drawn to the battle rope as the dynamic nature, huge array of exercises and uniqueness means they are fun and enjoyable to use. It is a great change from the traditional forms of training and this gives clients that extra excitement and diversity.

Battle Ropes are Brilliant for the Posterior Chain and Core

This may come as a surprise to some as it can look like it is an upper body dominant tool. This is not the case if you use them correctly. The power for the wave based movements should be initiated through the hip hinge.

This is great for igniting the hamstrings, glutes and spinal erectors. One of the really unique factors about the battle rope is the force that comes back through the rope. Absorbing this force and maintaining balance is great for core engagement.

It is not uncommon to see people get pulled by the rope because they are not absorbing the returning force.

Battle Ropes are Brilliant for Training your Mind

This is one of the main features of John Brookfield’s training. Trying to maintain 20 seconds on the battle ropes the first few times using them can feel like an eternity.

However, you need to continually push your mind to conquer the aching muscles and burning lungs so you can build this time up. 20 minutes on the battle ropes is indeed possible with mental fortitude. This translates well into any sporting arena.

Battle Ropes are Low Impact

The battle rope is a great alternative to high impact activities such as running or jumping. It is great for clients that have any joint issues as you can accelerate the heart rate with minimal impact.

These are just 6 of the many benefits you can derive from using this brilliant training tool. Anybody can use battle ropes and they will reap incredible results.

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6 Benefits of Battle Ropes Training

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Dan Henderson is the owner of The Australian Institute of Kettlebells (AIK). AIK educate trainers and coaches worldwide with accredited courses in kettlebells, battling ropes, powerbags, mobility and MMA conditioning using powerbags and kettlebells. Dan has an honours degree in Human Movement and is IUKL Level 3, IKFF Level 2 and IKSFA Level 1 qualified. He has trained all over the world with many great coaches and specialises in kettlebell and battling ropes training.
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