The 1-Leg Burpee Suspension Exercise is exactly what it sounds like, a Burpee with 1-Leg never touching the ground. If you like the full body engagement of the standard Burpee, you’ll enjoy how this drill takes the concept to a much more intense and difficult level. With 1-Leg in a Battle Ring, simply perform a Burpee while seeking to avoid rotating your hips with each rep. This is one of exercises used in the the Rites of Passage tests.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Adjust your Battle Rings so one end is about 3-6 inches off the ground. Sit on the ground and stick one foot through, then turn over and get into a Push Up position.

Step 2: While seeking to avoid rotating your hips by stabilizing your core, perform a Push Up. As you push up from the bottom position, launch up to your free foot and immediately jump up from the ground.

Step 3: Land softly on the ball of your foot and immediately drop down and sprawl out into a Push Up position. Flow into each repetition.

Tips & Safety: Try to make the workout flow as smoothly as possible by working on stabilizing your body with each transition. Work towards maximum reps if you want to prepare yourself for the Rites of Passage.