The best core exercise you probably aren’t doing is the Front Lever Iso Hold. The Front Lever Iso Hold is a fundamental gymnastics strength hold that develops the core and upper-body muscles.

It hits every muscle in your core, including your abs, the obliques, and most surprisingly it hits the lats incredibly well. If you are somebody who can’t feel your back when you perform Chins Ups or Rows, doing the Front Lever Iso Hold before any pulling exercise is a great way to activate the lats.

Front Lever Iso Hold Exercise Steps

I’ve never seen an exercise bring out or strengthen the abs any better than this one. Set a bar or rings at chest height and grab on like you were going to lay back and do an inverted row. Get into the fetal position and try to keep your back parallel with the ground. Hold it for 4 sets of 10 seconds before or after your workout. As it gets easier you can move your legs out to a 90-degree angle with your upper body.

Step 1: Start the movement on a pull up bar.

Step 2: The first progression is a knees tucked fetal position.

Step 3: Start by holding this position for 10 seconds. Make sure to keep your abs braced tight.

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