The Assisted 1-Leg Suspension Pull Up is an excellent beginner exercise that will help you build the upper body and core strength necessary to perform Strict Pull Ups. The Battle Rings are also much more forgiving on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists than a pull up bar and will allow you to drop into a single leg squat as you descend and ascend. Even Pull Up experts could benefit from the muscular endurance necessary for high repetition sets.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Hang your Battle Rings from a Pull Up Bar just high enough so you can reach them when in a full squat. Your starting position is directly under the Battle Rings. Extend one foot out straight in front of you and retract your shoulders while tightening your core for your first repetition.

Step 2: Using a minimal amount of push from your foot on the ground, pull yourself up seeking to engage your lats and keep your shoulders packed while doing so. Try to get your chin above your hands at the top of the rep.

Step 3: Once at the apex of the movement, slowly descend (essentially performing a negative). Seek to land on your opposite foot as gently as possible

Tips & Safety: If you need even more assistance, just put the other foot down, but remember that this is not a leg exercise.