Workout Summary

This is an excellent full body sandbag workout routine that utilizes six sandbag exercises during a single circuit, followed by a set of Sandbag Shoulder Get Ups using the Tabata Protocol. Builds strength while also burning fat. This workout is part of the Sandbag Training Essentials Workout Plan.

Workout Instructions

Complete Set ‘A’ as circuit, with no rest between exercises and 60-90 seconds between each circuit. Complete Set ‘B’ using the Tabata Protocol (4 minutes total, using 20 second sprints and 10 second rest periods).

A1: Clean (Side Handle) – 5 x 30sec
A2: Shouldering (Alternating) – 5 x 30sec
A3: Twisting Back Lunge – 5 x 30sec
A4: Shouldering Goodmorning – 5 x 30sec
A5: Rotations – 5 x 30sec (60-90 secs rest)
B: Shoulder Get Up (Alternate Side) – 1 x 5min