Workout Details

This is the Onnit Academy Workout of the Day for Thursday, November 27, 2015. It is a sandbag workout consisting of a every minute on the minute scheme of sandbag training. This is #24 of a series of daily workouts, showing you exactly what we are doing at the Onnit Academy Gym in Austin, Texas.

Workout Instructions

Perform 8 reps of the sandbag clean & press. Rest for the rest of the minute and start the next round on the next minute. Repeat for a total of 20 minutes. Record your total time in the comments section. The goal of this training session is General Physical Preparation and to increase your workout capacity.

A1. Sandbag Clean & Press – 20 rounds x 8 reps.

Onnit Academy Workout of The Day #24 - Sandbag Workout