Medicine Ball Workout Summary

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The medicine ball is the simplest and most effective tool for training explosive power and rotational core strength, and anyone can use it.

Medicine balls have been used to develop strength, power, conditioning and athleticism for many decades.

They provide a unique resistance and offer a wide variety of exercises.

The MMA Maximum Medicine Ball Conditioning Workout is an endurance workout that is great for MMA and combat fighters.

This MMA conditioning workout will incorporate all three planes of motion and have you ready for any opponent.

Workout Instructions

Rest 10 seconds after each Medicine Ball round with no extra rest between sets. Total workout time of 20 minutes.

A1: Alternating Medicine Ball Floor Cross – 10 rounds of 20 seconds.

B1: Medicine Ball Same Side Jump Knee – 10 rounds of 20 seconds.

C1: Alternating Medicine Ball Knee Ride – 10 rounds of 20 seconds.

D1: Medicine Ball Half Deck Squat – 10 rounds of 20 seconds.

Other Workout Details

Workout Created By: John Wolf
Workout Demonstrated By: Jim Romig
Equipment Used: Onnit Medicine Ball

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