Jim “Smitty” Smith of Diesel Strength and Conditioning teamed up with the Onnit Academy to show you a quick hack to improve your hamstring stretches. By using resistant bands for stretching you can increase tension on your hamstring stretches. This is also a good method for your it band, quads, hips, adductors and abductors stretches.

Using Resistance Bands for Hamstring Stretches

Onnit Battle RopesWhen using resistance bands for hamstring stretches, many people wrap the band around their feet and just lay back on the ground, using their arms as an anchor to stretch. This can get extremely uncomfortable and does not provide the optimal stretch for your hamstring. A quick tip to fix this is to put the resistance band all the way around your torso, so you do not have to use your arms as an anchor.

Once the band is around your torso, wrap it around your foot, and create a second loop around your foot before falling back into your stretch. This position allows more tension, and lets you create different angles, creating a deeper stretch.  You can further the tension of this variation of the stretch by using your arms. This set up is much more efficient and more comfortable allowing you to get a deeper stretch of the hamstring.

How to Improve Your Hamstring Stretches with Jim "Smitty" Smith