How To Fight Summary

Shadowboxing is a very crucial skill for any fighter learning how to fight. It is a perfect time to refine your technique without being put in harm’s way. Although it may seem simple enough, many fighters make mistakes while shadowboxing. Here are a few mistakes I see fighters make while performing shadowboxing.

Shadowboxing Mistake #1: Not Going Over The Technical Side of Striking

When learning how to fight a common mistake I see fighters make while shadowboxing is not going over the technical side of striking. Their arms are flared out with a poor stance. Make sure you keep a good stance while on the move. Simulate a fight as much as you can.

Shadowboxing Mistake #2: Looking Down

Looking down while shadowboxing is another common mistake, which will build bad habits. When learning how to fight, if you shadowbox with your head down you will carry over this technique into your fight. As you can imagine making this mistake in an actual fight will not end well. Keep your chin tucked, and eyes forward as you work your basic combinations.

Shadowboxing Mistake #3: Only Punching Down

You do not want to make the mistake of only punching down. If your opponent is taller than you, and you have only practiced punching downward, your shoulders will not have the strength to transition into punching upwards for an entire match. Also,  if you are having trouble being creative with your shadowboxing technique simply go over the number system. 1….1,2….1,2,3…..1,2,3,4. Also, you can add a double jab behind everything.