Strength For Life: How to Build Strength and Muscle for the Long Haul

Onnit’s Chief Fitness Officer John Wolf joins THO podcast host Orlando Rios and Senior Content Strategist Sean Hyson to discuss the 12-week transformation program he wrote for Onnit’s New Year’s Resolution Series.

Wolf designed a workout plan to build muscle and burn fat while improving joint mobility, preventing the nagging aches and pains associated with long-term, physique-focused weight training. Learn the exercises that save you pain and boost your gains, how a proper workout should be organized (and modified if need be), and other tips that optimize your results.

Strength For Life: How to Build Strength and Muscle

1. The long-term side effects of training for strength and muscle (2:00)

2. Safer strength exercises (2:40)

3. Does the common gym-goer need strength? (4:25)

4. Strength vs. bodybuilding (6:20)

5. Mobility: what you need to do for joint health (9:15)

6. Decompression vs. mobility (13:30)

7. How big a role does age play in training? (17:00)

8. Why your trainer can’t “fix you” (20:00)

9. How to modify your workout on the spot (23:00)

10. The 12-Week Fat Loss Workout Plan (29:00)

For more information on The 12-Week Fat Loss Workout Plan click here.

Author: Onnit Academy

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