Onnit’s Chief Fitness Officer John Wolf joins THO podcast host Orlando Rios and Senior Content Strategist Sean Hyson to discuss the 12-week transformation program he wrote for Onnit’s New Year’s Resolution Series.

Wolf designed a workout plan to build muscle and burn fat while improving joint mobility, preventing the nagging aches and pains associated with long-term, physique-focused weight training. Learn the exercises that save you pain and boost your gains, how a proper workout should be organized (and modified if need be), and other tips that optimize your results.

Strength For Life: How to Build Strength and Muscle

1. The long-term side effects of training for strength and muscle (2:00)

2. Safer strength exercises (2:40)

3. Does the common gym-goer need strength? (4:25)

4. Strength vs. bodybuilding (6:20)

5. Mobility: what you need to do for joint health (9:15)

6. Decompression vs. mobility (13:30)

7. How big a role does age play in training? (17:00)

8. Why your trainer can’t “fix you” (20:00)

9. How to modify your workout on the spot (23:00)

10. The 12-Week Fat Loss Workout Plan (29:00)

For more information on The 12-Week Fat Loss Workout Plan click here.