Double Kettlebell Overhead Press Exercise Summary

The Double Kettlebell Overhead Press Exercise will not only strengthen your shoulders but your entire body as a unit. From the ground up this powerful movement will help you build a solid foundation for just about any athletic endeavor. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more potent upper-body strengthening movement.

Double Kettlebell Overhead Press Exercise Steps

Step 1: Double clean a pair of kettlebells to the rack position

Step 2: Maintaining a square stature press both kettlebells keeping your shoulders down, lats engaged, and biceps away from the ears until full lockout.

Step 3: Actively “pull” the kettlebells back down to the rack position.

Tips and Safety: Maintain a long spine throughout the movement never rounding or overextending. Keep your gaze slightly above the horizon and drive your feet into the ground rooting yourself and creating a solid foundation. Before each press grip the ground with your feet to create as much energy as you can throughout your entire body. Maintain vertical forearms throughout the pressing process.