If you like rock, reggae, hip-hop, or all three, chances are you’ll like Dirty Heads. And you won’t be alone. The Huntington Beach, California-based alternative band has carved out a growing niche with hits like “Lay Me Down,” “My Sweet Summer,” and “That’s All I Need,” and their new album, Super Moon, debuted in summer 2019 to strong reviews.

Front man Jared “Dirty J” Watson and guitarist Dustin “Duddy B” Bushnell sat down with Onnit Editor-in-Chief Sean Hyson to discuss how to make it in the music business (exact number of years included), how they survived rockstar indulgence and excess, and how they make a newfound commitment to health and fitness work with life on the road.


The rules of the tour bus (1:35)

The time it takes to become successful in music (4:50)

Life on the road (7:00)

How the band knew it was time to clean up (9:00)

The songwriting process (13:05)

Do drugs help creativity? (16:00)

How Jared overcame substance problems (17:40)

The band’s daily routine now (22:15)

Why the band is having more fun than ever (25:22)

How can a band make money today? (29:30)

The Dirty Heads empire (31:20)

Advice for up and coming bands (32:00)

What makes a great live show (33:45)

What they learned from playing with Slash, 311, and other legends (35:05)

The new album, Super Moon (35:55)

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