All my workouts involve one thing: calisthenics or bodyweight exercises. I do all my workouts on parallel bars, pull ups bars, or on the ground.

I used to be into heavy powerlifting, but recently moved to are purely bodyweight training regimen about nine months ago.

I noticed a big change in both my physique and strength.

I actually felt a difference in my body; doing my unique exercises opened up a totally new door in my body and fitness.

I noticed I was using muscles that I had never even used before.

Believe it or not, all my workouts involve calisthenics circuit routines now! Circuit training is the ultimate step to getting fast results in your strength, endurance, body structure, and conditioning.

Circuit training doesn’t allow your heart to rest or slow down, it keeps it up consistently throughout your workout allowing you to burn more calories faster and to shred up to lean muscle.

I do hundreds of different bodyweight circuits and I never touch the weights. I’ve lost 37 pounds of fat in 6 months doing my exercises. I went from 202 pounds to 165 pounds of lean muscle mass.

I get at least 50 messages a day just on my transformation on how I did it. People seem to love it.

I gained a totally different type of strength; some people call it super human strength, but I tell people anyone can do it with hard work and dedication.

I train six day a week, an hour to a hour and thirty minutes a day. I’m going to share four of my circuit workouts with you: one for beginners, two for advanced, and one for extreme athletes.

These are steps to how to get started and how to improve. If you stick to it, you will see the results in less than two months, in both your strength and also your body structure

Workout #1: Beginner Calisthenics Circuit Workout

Climbing the Hill: The Ultimate Calisthenics Transformation
Do 3 cycles. 30 second rest period between exercises, and 3 minute rest period between cycles. There are 8 exercises:

1. 10 pull ups

2. 10 chin ups

3. 20 dips

4 . 25 jump squats

5. 20 push ups

6. 50 crunches

7. 10 burpees

8. 30 second jump rope

Workout #2: Intermediate Calisthenics Circuit Workout

Climbing the Hill: The Ultimate Calisthenics Transformation
Do 2 cycles, 5 second rest between exercises and 8 minute rest between each cycle. There are 8 exercises.

1. 5 muscle ups

2. 50 pushups

3. 25 jump squats

4. 15 burpees

5. 15 pull ups

6. 1 minute leg flutters

7. 10 pull ups

8. 30 second sprint nonstop

Workout #3: Advanced Calisthenics Circuit Workout

Climbing the Hill: The Ultimate Calisthenics Transformation

DO 1 cycle, no rest between exercises. Each exercise is 30 seconds long. There are 10 exercises.

1. Hold a handstand for 30 seconds

2. Jump squats

3. Wall push ups

4. Kick up push ups

5. Squat position move side to side

6. X’s and O’s core workout

7. Dips

8. Jumping lunges

9. Hop

10. Pull ups

Workout #4: Extreme Athlete Calisthenics Circuit Workout

Jordan Hill's transformation through calisthenics-only training.

DO 3 cycles, 30 second rest between exercises and no rest between cycles. There will be 8 exercise.

1. 10 second back lever hold

2. 7 second flag hold

3. 5 second front lever hold

4. 15 second bent arm planche hold

5. 30 second handstand hold

6. 3 very slow muscle ups

7. 10 slow dips

8. Pull up hold position for 30 seconds

Sample Video Workout:

Not only are you going to love the results from these workouts, you are going to find out they’re fun to try too.