Workout Summary

Not all your workouts have to be high intensity, circuit style training sessions.

While most athletes enjoy pushing their bodies to the limit, recovery is 50% of the equation when training for results.

Performance and aesthetic based training needs to have equal emphasis on recovery as it does on harder workouts. The Battle Ball Recoup & Recover Workout is the perfect choice to perform on an off day, between intense workouts, or even as a cool down or warmup to a harder session.

The Medicine Ball Recoup & Recover Workout will alleviate soreness, correct imbalances, and improve work capacity.

Workout Instructions

Perform as many reps as possible in 30 seconds. Do not rush through the movement, this workout is not for time. Perform all exercises in a slow-controlled manner. Rest as needed between movements and between groups as possible. If increased aerobic capacity is the goal, rest as little as possible during the workout.

A1: Medicine Ball 3 Way Lunge Complex – 6 rounds x 30 sec (each side)
A2: Medicine Ball Frontal Rotation – 6 rounds x 30 sec (each way)
A3: Medicine Ball Squat Press – 6 rounds x 30 sec
A4: Medicine Ball Half Moon – 6 rounds x 30 sec
A5: Medicine Ball Squat Curl – 6 rounds x 30 sec

Other Workout Details

Workout Created By: Onnit Academy
Workout Demonstrated By: Andrew Key
Equipment Used: Onnit Medicine Ball
See All Workout Details: Onnit Academy Youtube Channel

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