Workout Summary

The Total Body Barbarian Intensity Workout is a one-size-fits-all full body workout, engaging every muscle group to improve all aspects of overall fitness. The workout uses triplet sets incorporating both the barbell and the kettlebell to not only increase strength and conditioning, but strip away bodyfat and improve mobility as well as flexibility.

Workout Instructions

After completing all exercises in group A, rest 60 seconds and repeat for a total of 5 rounds. The same instructions apply to all exercises in group B.

A1: Barbell 3-Way Lunge Complex – 5 rounds x 5 reps
A2: Alternating Explosive Kettlebell Push-Up – 5 rounds x 10 reps
A3: Barbell Burpee – 5 rounds x 10 reps

B1: Barbell Squat Press (Thruster) – 5 rounds x 8 reps
B2: Kettlebell Windmill Deadlift – 5 rounds x 5 reps each side
B3: 2-Hand Kettlebell Swing – 5 rounds x 20 reps

Other Workout Details

Workout Created By: John Wolf
Workout Demonstrated By: Muhammad Weusi
Equipment Used: Onnit Kettlebells, Barbell