All of my favorite unconventional training places are out in the great outdoors. I love the benefits of outdoor workouts, because you are not tied to a particular dimension of space.  If you are going to train outside and it is cold or wet, make sure you perform a proper warm up to stretch your muscles. After an outdoor workout make sure that you put on warm, dry clothes. So, here are my top 5 places to do outdoor unconventional training!

Unconventional Training In The Woods

Top 10 Places to Do Your Unconventional TrainingTop 10 Places to Do Your Unconventional Training

The forest is my favorite place to do my unconventional workouts. I feel in my element when I’m in the woods, the fresh air of the pine trees and the sound of birds gives me that primal feeling. While In the forest I like to do a tree-trunk workout! If I want to workout in the woods, I never bring my own training equipment, I always use what nature has to offer.

Unconventional Training at a Creek With Stones

Top 10 Places to Do Your Unconventional Training

It’s a wonderful place to train near a creek. The sound of the running water helps me get in my element, and focus on the exercise at hand. Large stones can frequently be found in these types of creeks, you can do a lot of exercises with these stones.

Unconventional Training on the Beach

Unconventional Training at the Beach

The beach is a perfect place to train, the sand and the sea breeze gives you an extra boost to perform. The anchor pull and stretch!

Unconventional Training on a Hill

Unconventional training on a hill

Hill training is hard because you’re in an inclined position, so your exercises are performed at a different angle. In the Netherlands, it is difficult to find a hill, because it is very flat in the Netherlands. But fortunately there are also many landscaped hills. Hills are also often used to do cardio exercises, like running or biking. But I’ll show you they are great for strength training!

Unconventional Training in the Countryside

Unconventional Training in the Countryside

Actually you can train anywhere in the countryside, you don’t always have to look far from your home to find the right place to do your outdoor workout.