Onnit Battle BallWorkout Summary

Want to know how to run faster? Look no further than the Team Sport Burst Workout. Team sport athletes make their money off of being able to quickly and immediately burst into a high output of acceleration from either a dead stop or slow-moving positions. Being able to develop this quality requires training that builds explosive power and acceleration in a horizontal plane.

Vertically-natured exercises such as jumping or Olympic lifting are limited in their abilities to develop the horizontal bursting abilities that athletes will need on the field of play. Utilizing explosive exercises in a horizontal plane can help ensure explosive bursting abilities are properly developed, allowing you tot learn how to run faster.

Make sure every workout is preceded with a thorough warm up that addresses mobility, dynamic flexibility, and central nervous system (CNS) activation. CNS activation drills can include any variety of skipping, hopping, short get off sprints, or medicine ball throwing.

Workout Instructions

Perform all exercises in set a before moving on. Rest as needed before each rep of each set. Full Recovery!

A1: Prowler March – 6 rounds x 10 yds.

B1: Push Up Starts – 6 rounds x 10 yds.

C1: Med Ball Forward Chest Throw – 3 rounds x 3 reps
C2: Broad Jumps w/Stick Landing – 3 rounds x 5 reps

Other Workout Details

Workout Demonstrated By: Cameron Josse
Workout Created By: Cameron Josse
Equipment Used: Onnit Battle Ball

Team Sport Burst Workout