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Quick Hack for Perfect Push Up Form

Quick Hack for Perfect Push Up Form

Written by
June 12, 2014
Updated April 12, 2018
Category: Fitness

Perfecting one’s form is an often overlooked part of a training program. Everyone believes that if 100% effort is given, regardless of form, the results they desire will be achieved. This is an irresponsible approach to training that will lead to imbalances and eventually injury. Not paying attention to form is common, especially when trainees are pushing the limits on either end of the fitness spectrum; heavy strength training or max-effort interval training.

If I had nickel for every guy I see training with heavy weights using a poor range of motion, especially on lower body lifts, I wouldn’t be writing this article. These “Strong Guys” generally associated with the “Back and Bi’s Day” crowd, will inevitably become injured and have to start from scratch focusing on proper form to rehab and eventually regain their strength.

The Team Solution for Proper Exercise Form

In my case, I had the privilege of being introduced to training through team sports. There is no way to cheat when coaches and players alike are watching you, counting every single rep; trust me, they told you if the form wasn’t perfect! There was no room for cheating or doing a half Push Up; they called you out and gave you more BS then anyone would want directed their way.

Unfortunately, most trainees do not get the good fortune of having a personal coach or trainer to ensure proper form. Paying close attention to your form is mentally draining and unflattering on the ego. But achieving full range of motion should be the ultimate pursuit to attain a healthy, balanced, and functional physique. You cannot be all show with no go. The following is a fun hack to help engage the perfect push-up, while taking your mind off the tediousness of paying attention to proper form.

The Perfect Push Up Form Hack

A great hack for a perfect Push Up form is pushing a tennis ball with your nose while in a Push Up position. Place a tennis or racquetball on a line. If you do not have a line, you can create one with a little tape. Perform a Push Up without dropping your hips and at the bottom of the Push Up gently nudge the ball along the line. Re-position yourself over the ball and repeat. If the ball leaves the line, you have to put in extra work in to get the ball back on the line. By paying close attention to your form; you won’t want to invest in extra work. This perfect Push Up hack guarantees that you will push the ball as straight as possible down the line and back to avoid unnecessary effort.

Nonetheless, in the end you have a great upper body and your girlfriend will thank you later 😉

Bernhard was born in Zell am Ziller, Austria, and started playing tennis at the age of 3 with his father, former Austrian national champion, Kurt Wallner. He continued to learn and train throughout childhood at his father's tennis instruction school, Tennisschule Wallner. In his youth tennis career from the age of 9 to 18, Bernhard won several tournaments in both singles and doubles. At the age of 14 and 16, he was ranked nationally as number 7 and 12 respectively in Austria. At the age of 20, a year after he completed (High) school (Matura), he made steps to the United States, where he studied on a scholarship for 2 years at Valdosta State University, winning the 2011 Division II National Championship.
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