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Correlations Between Your Pain Symptoms and Bad Posture

Correlations Between Your Pain Symptoms and Bad Posture

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September 26, 2016
Updated January 30, 2019

A Step in the Right Direction

Whatever the source of your bad posture, the foot will always be involved. As we mentioned in the previous article, the foot is man’s primary contact with the ground.

Reasons for Issues?

Extremely arched feet ( with clawed toes), or overly flat (collapsed feet). Chances are you are very aware if you fit in either of those categories.

Very asymmetrical feet? In other words, one foot does not look exactly like the other. Different arch heights? More pronated or externally rotated etc.?

Another give away is when your shoulders are tilted one way, let’s say to the right side while the hips are hiked on the same side creating a shorter leg on the same right side.

A quick way to tell is to wet your feet and step equally on a brown paper bag, and this will tell you what your foot structure looks like.


You will see the imprint from one foot will look different from the other.

The main causes for foot issues outside hereditary issues are as follows.

Sprains and strains. How many times have you sprained toes, ankle, or knee?

Shoes! Sneakers or any shoe with an arch supports. THIS INCLUDES ORTHOTICS!

Any insole that is more than 3 millimeters is seen as an insult to the foot. The foot may respond by dropping the arch and loosening already lax ligaments even further.

The foot is capable of feeling pressure differences of up to 3 grams.

Insoles greater than 5 millimeters or insoles with arch supports can create “foot blindness.”



● An all day low-grade pain that does not go away.
● Actual shorter leg
● Rotations of lower limbs
● Knock knees
● Bowed legs
● Anterior rotation of pelvis
● Posterior tilt of pelvis
● Any rotation of the scapular plane or pelvis.

One nervous system test based on muscle testing for your feet is to stand with your arms outstretched in front of you, flex your wrists so the fingers are pointing up, palms facing out. Then have a partner try to bend your wrists so the fingers are pointing straight out palms facing the floor. If this test is deemed weak, rest assured you have a foot problem.

The Eyes Have It or (Don’t)

Signs and correlations of a convergence disorder of the eyes. If you recall, a convergence disorder is when you focus on a pen and bring the tip of the pen to the nose. If the eyes do not track equally, one does not move, or at any point, an eye turns out that should be considered a convergence deficit.


In other words, the pelvis and shoulders are tilted the same direction. Same side tilting of pelvis and shoulders are usually indicative of this ocular imbalance.

When one foot is abducted and laterally rotated (pronated) , it’s a good sign of a visual sensor malfunction. Usually affected by the dominant eye. Pain is often felt worse at the end of the day or evening.

This can result in:

● Headaches
● Vertigo
● Travel sickness
● Sea sickness
● Poor athletic performance
● Pain in the neck
● Shoulders
● Brachial pain
● Spinal pain
● Occipital pain
● Any pain associated with compensations which could include.
● Tendonitis and Tenosynovitis
● Short leg syndrome
● Fatigue
● Concentration issues
● Decreased intellect
● Laziness
● Difficulty working on computers
● Difficulty focusing for extended time periods
● Red eyes

Brace Yourselves (Maybe)

If you wake up in the morning with pain discomfort, a good possibility is due to a malfunctioning Dental sensor.


Dental and jaw issue corrections should never be attempted on your own. These require teamwork between a postural reprogrammer and a competent orthodontist familiar with these techniques or an oral facial myologist.

Bad Posture Correlations?

● Pain at the end of the night
● Can’t ‘sleep in.”
● Stiff neck
● Neck pain
● Occipital headache
● Scapular pain
● Mid-back pain
● Temporal pain
● Facial pain
● Maxilla pain
● Temporomandibular pain
● Vertigo
● Tinnitus
● Minor endocrine disorders
● Congestion

Of Clinical Significance?

● Tilting of shoulders and pelvis
● Cranial and facial asymmetry in both vertical and horizontal plane…

Possible ways to diagnose a tooth?

● Cold Test: Q-Tip with cold spray- immediate correction temporarily of pain/ or posture
● Hot Test: 10-watt laser- immediate improvement.
● Compressed Air Test: Increased pain in the area of postural distortion.

Pupils not even, corners of mouth at different heights, ears at different heights. In other words, the face is not symmetrical, and contrary to belief the face is supposed to be identical. An uneven bite, buck teeth, underbite, Noise and clicking in the jaw. Perfect vertical tracking while opening and closing the jaw.

A Battery in Your Mouth


Clues of micro galvanism will include all the symptoms listed in the jaw above but can also include many unexplained pathologies including but not limited to:

● Repeated candida infections
● Inflammatory mouth conditions including gingivitis.
● Facial neuralgia
● Trigeminal pain
● Shingles
● Influence on M.S.
● Facial spasms
● Spasmodic issues of head and neck
● Cerebellar issues
● Lateral sclerosis
● Fibromyalgia

Giveaways for a Scar Problem

Blowing air on an active scar will make your radial pulse collapse. If it collapses for longer than 30 seconds, it’s considered pathological (I personally rub the scar deeply and it shows a weak muscular test of any muscle).

This means that you are pumping out significant amounts of adrenaline each time a piece of clothing or contact happens to the scar, this long-term adrenaline output could affect one hormonally in many different ways.

This could result in:

● Obesity
● hyper/hypotension
● Skin allergies
● Respiratory allergies
● Urinary tract infections digestive disorders.

In many cases, many clients/patients will be able to trace the origins of their problems back to surgery.

Minor Bad Posture Correlations


Rotations are caused by an asymmetric dysregulation of any of the receptors.

Limited head rotation can be caused by the feet, eyes, jaw, chains, rings (including wedding bands) microcurrents from the mouth. The blockages of the first rib and coccyx are issues that you may have to consult with your Chiropractor or Osteopath.

Now that you know these are clinical manifestations, in the next article, I will cover loosely what your corrective actions should be. These corrections should not be done at home without consulting a Postural Reprogramming Specialist. I will list several at the back end of the article.

Lionel Martin is A Manual Therapist who has worked with 27 Olympians, USA Track and Field, Volunteers his services to Olympic Training Center, and has worked with over 70 players in the NFL. He is formally an RKC, holds a level 2 Coaching certification with Russian Girya Sports Institute, and is a Master Instructor in Evidence Based Fitness Academy and Barefoot Strong.
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