Workout Details

This is the Onnit Academy Workout of the Day for Friday October 30, 2015. It is a kettlebell workout consisting of 6 rounds of kettlebell training. This is #5 of a series of daily workouts, showing you exactly what we are doing at the Onnit Academy Gym in Austin, Texas.

Workout Instructions

Perform 6 rounds of the Kettlebell Deadlift to Clean to Squat for 1 minute followed by the Kettlebell Halo for 30 seconds (each direction) followed by 15 seconds of 1-hand kettlebell presses (each arm). Rest for 15 seconds and repeat. The goal of this training session is General Physical Preparation and to increase your workout capacity.

A1: Kettlebell Deadlift to Clean to Squat – 6  rounds x 1 minute.
A2: Kettlebell Halo – 6 rounds x 30 seconds (each direction).
A3: Kettlebell 1-Hand Press – 6 rounds x 15 seconds (each arm).