One Arm Bentover Kettlebell Side Row Exercise Summary

The One Arm Bentover Kettlebell Side Row Exercise adds a twist to the traditional one arm row. You will have to go lighter, but with the added leverage and range of motion, you will be targeting your core and shoulders more as you pull across your body and flare out more.

One Arm Bentover Kettlebell Side Row Exercise Steps

Step 1: Place a kettlebell on the outside of your right foot.

Step 2: Hinge and lower yourself keeping your hips lower than your shoulders enough to grab onto the kettlebell with your left arm

Step 3: Keeping a long spine and tight core pull the bell across the body flaring your elbow out to the side at the top of the movement

Step 4: Immediately bring the kettlebell back across and reset by touching the ground.

Tips and Safety: Do not allow yourself to twist or round as you perform this movement. Keep a straight spine throughout the movement and your core engaged. This will keep you safe as you bring the weight across the body. This will hit your shoulders and upper back more than a traditional row as it adds some variety to your training.