One Arm Bentover Kettlebell Row Exercise

This powerful rowing exercise will build upper body pulling and core strength due to the unstable position. You will have to go lighter than if you were able to brace yourself from a lunge position or on an implement, but by practicing and progressing with this movement you will see incredible strength and stabilization gains.

Step 1: Place a kettlebell on the outside of your left leg

Step 2: With a hinge and slight knee bend grab the kettlebell with your left hand

Step 3: While maintaining core tension pick up the kettlebell and hold in that hinge position

Step 4: Row the kettlebell up as if you’re bringing your elbow to your hip

Step 5: Slowly lower the weight back to the hanging position

Tips and Summary: To get the most out of this movement squeeze the kettlebell and tighten your upper back and lats as you pull. This will help you maintain tension on the musculature you are working while keeping a long spine. Maintain a proud chest throughout the movement to ensure no rounding.