Mixed Martial Arts creates the perfect storm of demands on the body, and as such, proper nutrition through supplementation can play a very valuable role in both the training and eventual fight performance of the fighter. 

With the wealth of information and feedback we have received at Onnit from our top fighters, including Bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw, we have been able to hone and refine both our products and our regimen to aptly suit a fighter’s supplement needs.

Supplements Between Training Camps

The goal of training between camps is to improve skills and athletic attributes while staying healthy. In general this means carrying a little bit of extra weight to offer increased padding to both joints and muscles.

Training is still intense, but generally there is adequate recovery time for the body to receive many of it’s nutrients from food. A fighter’s nutrition tends to slip a little bit however, to allow for a little ‘humanness’ to return to the lifestyle. In lieu of the factors above, here is a supplements protocol we recommend.

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Training Camp Supplements

Training camp is one of the most brutal stretches in any competitive sport. As such, this is the period where all supplements are green lit. I will highlight some of the key principles below:

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