The breakfast bowl is by far one of my favorite meals to start the day with. It provides your body with complex carbohydrates, healthy fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals to improve your overall well-being. I usually exercise in the morning so I will prepare this as soon as I get home to refuel my body.


1/2 cup buckwheat or oat bran
1/4 cup blueberries
1/2 cup strawberries
1/4 cup raisins
1/2 sliced banana
1 Tbsp. all-natural almond butter or trilogy butter
1 Tbsp. hemp seeds
1 Tbsp. chia seeds
Pinch of cinnamon
1 cup water


1. In a medium saucepan, bring 1 cup of water to a boil.
2. Reduce flame and mix in berries and oatbran, stirring often until desired consistency is reached.
3. Mix in flaxseed, raisins, and cinnamon.
4. Pour into bowl and add peanut butter or almond butter. Top with banana.
5. Add in a dash of almond milk or water to thin out oat bran, if desired.

Mike Dolce's Breakfast Bowl