Kettlebell Figure 8 to Reverse Lunge Exercise

This movement will deliver full body strength, coordination and awareness. It is a great exercise to incorporate into your routine to build leg strength with the added anti-rotational aspect. Because the kettlebell is going to want to move you by focusing on staying strong you activate your core tremendously.

Step 1: Single arm deadlift a kettlebell with your left hand.

Step 2: With momentum lunge back with your left leg transferring the kettlebell through your legs into your right hand.

Step 3: Stand up tall and keep the momentum going as the bell comes around the right leg.

Step 4: As soon as you stand lunge back with your right leg and transfer the weight back to your left hand.

Tips and Safety: Maintain a long spine throughout the movement and especially during the transfer. The weight and lunge will try to force you to round, but as long as you lunge low enough and keep yourself straight you will protect your lower back. Be mindful of your surroundings as you perform this movement. Maintain a neutral neck position to avoid straining during the lunge or transfer.