The Kettlebell 1-Arm Swing Snatch is a mainstay of explosive strength and conditioning. It requires a full body coordinated movement involving upper body, lower body, core, and grip strength, hitting all areas in a single motion like few exercises can.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: Pick up the kettlebell and swing it between your legs. Using a hip-snapping motion, thrust the kettlebell forward.

Step 2: As the kettlebell passes through your legs, pull it up towards your shoulder. As it passes above your shoulder, either punch through the handle of the kettlebell or wrap the kettlebell around your arm to reach the lockout position overhead without slapping the kettlebell against the back of your arm.

Step 3: Let the kettlebell drop out in front of you making sure it does not jerk your shoulder at any point. Make sure the kettlebell is neither too far out in front or too close to you during the drop.

Tips & Safety: Keep your back straight and your glutes tight throughout the duration. Keep your heels down and your core tight throughout the duration.