Kettlebell Bottom’s Up Press Exercise

The Bottom’s up press is a fantastic movement at teaching proper alignment for the press as well as grip and core strength. You won’t be able to go as heavy which will allow you to focus on the movement itself.

Step 1: Clean a kettlebell to the bottom’s up position

Step 2: Keeping your shoulder down squeeze the bell, your core, glutes, and legs. Root your feet tightly to the ground.

Step 3: Keeping your eyes on the bell, press up from your lats keeping your lower arm vertical until lockout.

Step 4: Actively “pull” the weight back down to the bottom’s up rack position and repeat

Tips and Summary: Start with a very light weight that you can control easily until you get the hang of this movement. By practicing and progressing with this movement you will see an increase in pressing and grip strength as well as overall awareness and coordination.