Kettlebell Around the Body Exercise

This is an excellent movement to learn how to hold your ground during launching kettlebell exercises. It also does a fantastic job at teaching the hand to hand transfer and full body awareness. Use this move as a precursor to kettlebell juggling as well for building grip strength.

Step 1: Single Arm deadlift a kettlebell to the standing position.

Step 2: Build momentum and pass the kettlebell around your body transferring it to the other hand in front of you.

Step 3: Maintain that momentum and transfer the bell behind your switching back to the first hand.

Tips and Safety: Maintain a long spine even though the transfer to avoid rounding at any point. Maintain a steady breath as keep the tension in your core throughout the movement. Keep a neutral neck position to avoid straining during the movement. Root your feet to the ground as you go through this movement. Do not let the weight move you around. Stay steady the entire time.