Workout Summary

The third Juggernaut Kettlebell Workout involves challenging kettlebell and bodyweight exercises. The first two strength sets will engage both your coordination and balance, while the three exercise conditioning circuit will test all aspects of your core strength.

Workout Instructions

Perform Set A and B as individual sets, resting 60 seconds between each set of repetitions. Perform Set C as a circuit with no rest in between exercises and 60 seconds in between sets.

A: Palm Clean (Assisted Drop) – 3-5 x 10 reps each side
B: Handstand – 3-5 x 15-30 secs
C1: Up and Over Sit Up – 3-5 x 30-60 secs
C2: Hip Flexor Raise – 3-5 x 30-60 secs
C3: Side Plank to Rotation – 3-5 x 30 secs