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A Guide to Unconventional Training for Baseball Players

How a Major League Baseball Player Uses Unconventional Training

Written by
October 14, 2014
Updated April 12, 2018

Major League Baseball players have one of the longest seasons of any sport. Unconventional Training is a sure way for Major League Baseball players to stay healthy for the season. Possessing good speed is a benefit to any baseball player. As a hitter, speed gives you the ability to beat out infield hits and bunt for hits which can add 20-30 points to your batting average every year. Once on base, speed becomes a huge threat to your opponent.

Now instead of focusing solely on the batter, teams have to worry about you stealing a base which adds pressure to the defense. Speed can also enable a player to score from second, or go first to third on a hit that slower players wouldn’t even think of trying. Lastly having good speed makes your defensive skills that much better.

For instance, an outfielder with great speed will be able to run down balls in the gap and prevent extra base hits. Players who have great speed are that much more dangerous on the baseball field.

How Did You Enhance Your Speed Through Physical Training?

Every offseason I make it a priority to arrive at spring training in the best shape of my life, specifically focusing on my speed and agility. For power and explosiveness, I get after heavy lower body workouts. These workouts range from squats, deadlifts and lunges to more explosive plyometric work such as box jumps and split squat jumps.

Starting in November, I mix in speed work. Beginning during these part of the year, gives me three months of good solid speed and agility workouts to reach my peak just in time for spring training in February. These workouts usually consist of any of the following movements: agility ladder, cone drills, resisted sprints, hill sprints, and treadmill sprints.

This kind of work gets me to a place, that allows me to compete at a high level both on the base paths and in the field on defense.

How Do You Train to Increase Hitting Power? A Guide to Unconventional Training for Baseball Players

To increase hitting power I incorporate functional movements into all of my workouts. I want to get my core and forearms ASAP (as strong as possible). Since hitting is a rotational movement, I do exercises to increase my rotational strength and power. One of my favorites is performing tire strikes with an Onnit Steel Mace.

Not only is it a very similar movement to hitting a baseball, but it’s a great total body workout. Onnit Steelbells are also great tools. They help a lot with rotational power, as I use them for movements such as wood chops and slams.

They also crush the forearms, allowing you to use a variety of grips while doing the exercises. Seated Onnit Steel Club Curls and rotations are another forearm crusher I love. Using both the light, and heavy weight Steel Clubs I can build up the small and large muscles needed for hitting and throwing a baseball.

Combining the functional movements I listed above with old school lifts, such as pull-ups, squats and deadlifts, I finish the offseason in February stronger than ever and rearing to go for the upcoming season.

How Do You Use Supplementation to Enhance Your Training?

I do my best to get all I need from eating quality earth grown food. Because of that, the supplements I do use, are of the highest quality. To get the clean energy I need to get through a tough workout my go-to is Shroom TECH sport. Never before have I had any pre-workout supplement last so long and have no crash later.

During my workouts having a Hemp Force Bar is also a must as it gives me key nutrients and the necessary fuel to finish. For recovery after a workout, I make sure to have a shake made from Hemp Force, Onnit EGN powder, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, and some fresh fruit.

This has everything I need to ensure my body is getting what it needs to recover and refuel for the next day. I also cannot forget Krill oil, for Omegas. It reduces inflammation and allows my joints and ligaments to feel the best they ever have.

I was born on January 28th, 1986 in West Chester, PA. Selected by the Chicago Cubs in the 5th round of the 2007 MLB draft out of the University of Virginia. After being named the Minor League Player of the Year for the Cubs in 2010, I was traded to the Tampa Bay Rays, where I currently play. In my first big league at bat May 6, 2011, I hit a home run. I was the first Tampa Bay Rays player to ever do so, and 109th player in the history of MLB. In the offseason I reside in Gaithersburg, MD with my wife Lindsay, who is a sports anchor for Fox 5 in Washington, DC.
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