Half-Kneeling One Arm Kettlebell Snatch Exercise

This powerful movement will build incredible upper body pulling strength and core stability. This is a safer version of the snatch because you won’t have as much momentum to work with. This will force you to use a lighter kettlebell and perfect the movement pattern of the punch through of the snatch.

Step 1: Get into a half kneeling position with your left knee on the ground.

Step 2: Place a kettlebell under your hips.

Step 3: Pack your shoulder and grab the kettlebell with your left hand with a slightly flexed wrist.

Step 4: With a slight hinge explosively pull the kettlebell up keeping it close to the body.

Step 5: As it passes head level allow the kettlebell to rotate around the forearm as you punch through at the top.

Step 6: Lower the kettlebell slowly to the rack position.

Step 7: From the rack unravel the kettlebell back to the ground and repeat.

Tips and Safety: Avoid rounding your back in order to pick up the kettlebell. Maintain a long spine and tension throughout the movement to keep your back safe. Utilize a loose grip to avoid ripping your hands or calluses. Keep the kettlebell close to the body throughout the entire movement.