Double Outside Kettlebell Clean Exercise Summary

The Double Outside Kettlebell Clean Exercise is a fantastic variation of the double clean for those with back issues. It does require a bit more coordination to avoid slamming the knees. This change puts more emphasis on the shoulders as well.

Double Outside Kettlebell Clean Exercise Steps

Step 1: Place a pair of kettlebells about a foot in front of your feet set up with a narrow stance.

Step 2: With neutral grip grab on to both kettlebells (thumbs up) by bending both at your knees and waist.

Step 3: Maintaining a long spine hike the kettlebells back and snap your hips forward

Step 4: While snapping your hips explosively pull up keeping the kettlebells close to your body

Step 5: Without curling pull the kettlebells with rotation to the double racked position

Step 6: Unravel the bells, hike them back to the bottom of the downswing and repeat

Tips and Safety: Straighten your arms on the way down quickly to avoid excessive tension or strain in your elbows and biceps. Do not let the kettlebells slam on your forearms at any point. Avoid this by keeping them close to the body.