Double Kettlebell Reverse Lunge Exercise Summary

The Double Kettlebell Reverse Lunge Exercise is a powerful movement to build incredible leg and core strength as well as balance. Stepping back will put less stress on your knees, but requires a bit more coordination. Keep your core engaged throughout the movement to avoid rounding your shoulders forward as you start to fatigue.

Double Kettlebell Reverse Lunge Exercise Steps

Step 1: Double Clean a pair of kettlebells to the rack position

Step 2: Step back with your right leg until your right thigh is perpendicular to the ground.

Step 3: Drive through both feet until standing fully in the starting position

Step 4: Lower yourself back down and gently touch the ground with your knee. Repeat

Tips and Safety: Maintain core tension and thoracic extension to avoid rounding forward. Make sure you are using a pair of kettlebells you feel comfortable with in the rack position. Avoid slamming your knee into the ground on the descent.