Resistance bands are a huge part of our training philosophy at Onnit Academy. But that doesn’t mean that there is a one-size-fits-all resistance band solution out there. We use a variety of different resistance bands for different types of training. No resistance band is better than any other one; they all have unique uses. The real question is which type of resistance band should you use for each specific type of training.

Onnit Fitness

Light Mobility Resistance Bands

Onnit’s Light Mobility Resistance Band is wider than typical resistance bands and it is has a more comfortable, soft feel to it, making it perfect for stretching and mobility exercises. Also, when training rehab or prehab, the light mobility resistance band is a great implement. Any rotator cuff, hip, or ankle activation exercises should be done with this style of resistance band.

Strength Resistance Bands

Heavy duty strength resistance bands, on the other hand, are great for exactly what you would think: building strength. Due to a thicker design, they create much more resistance than the mobility resistance band. Strength resistance bands are great for attaching to the barbell for strength exercises, such as bench pressing, deadlifting, and squatting. These movements are more for the advanced lifter, but definitely have a place in any intelligently designed strength training program.

Defranco Fitness Tips: Mobility Bands vs. Strength Resistance Bands