The Deck Squat to 1-Hand Sprawl is a great exercise to build core strength and enhance your agility and flexibility. It combines a standard Bodyweight Deck Squat with a 1-Hand Sprawl to create a dynamic movement that will build your conditioning levels and push your body to a higher mobility level.

Exercise Steps

Step 1: From a standing position, drop your hips to the ground and roll onto your back, keeping your knees tucked to your chest. Roll quickly forward and drop your heels to the ground.

Step 2: Once you’re back into a deep squat position from the roll, drop one hand to the ground in between your feet, then kick your feet out behind you and briefly hold a 1-Hand Push Up position.

Step 3: Hop both feet forward next to your hand and get back into a deep squat position. Roll back to perform another rep. Alternating hands between reps.

Tips & Safety: If you’re going to use a Exercise Mat to perform this exercise, make sure it sticks to the ground so you don’t catch it on your feet when you sprawl. If this exercise is too difficult, work on Alternating 1-Hand Spawls and Deck Squats individually until you feel comfortable enough to combine them.