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A Real Warrior Workout! USMC Style

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January 12, 2014
Updated April 12, 2018
Category: Fitness

A warrior is probably best illustrated by the military elite. The guys that get ambushed by the Taliban, turn into the gunfire and assault through the enemy, knowing that their skills, courage, and purpose far outweigh any radical or terrorist that has ever existed. The military elite are those who will, or have taken a bullet/IED for their brothers, because it wouldn’t sit well in their spirit to stand idly by. Now that there is clarity on what is being produced, it is time to take a mlook into the mouth of the beast that creates such a warrior.

Warrior Workout Progressions

Warrior Workout Weighted Push Ups
Warrior Training progressions are created so the warrior that completes the program will be ready mentally and physically to take on the intense programs of the elite military, like Army Special Forces, Marine Force Recon, Navy SEALs, Air Force PJ’s and Navy SWCC to name a few. Warrior Training does not cover the technical aspects of those honorable and prestigious trades, however, we do train with mental and physical regimen’s that will prepare someone for these trades.

Over the last 12 weeks, The Costa Mesa Warrior Training Clan at Innovative Results has endeavored on an arduous training journey that took 100% of their physical and mental capabilities to persevere and stand victorious at the end. The journey began with the building blocks of a warrior’s strength, speed, stamina, agility, power, endurance, and mobility. It will finish with incredible feats of mental and physical fortitude in something they have dubbed The Commando Course. Because fortitude is going to be essential, DISCIPLINE will be of the utmost importance to prevail in the end.

The Sacrifice, Discipline, And Tirelessness A Warrior MUST Uphold

Warrior Workout Knife Fight Training
If you are willing to make the sacrifices and endure the rigors of the regimen, you will see a physically and mentally prepared warrior looking back at you in the mirror! The warrior has the physical, mental, and spiritual toughness that never quits, never-saysdie, and never capitulates…NO MATTER WHAT!

Take Jure Robic, a world-class endurance cyclist, who would push himself so hard that he would teeter on brink of sanity during a race. This is about the physical, mental, and spiritual toughness of a coffin nail!

Weeding Out The Weak-Minded

First off, if you always give up, stop reading now (some already have). People that always give up will never understand what is about to be said. Choosing the path of least resistance is what they have always done, so it will be very uncomfortable to read what is said on the subject sacrifice, tirelessness and discipline. Assuming all the slackers have not continued, it is time to address the REAL Warriors. Good to have you with us!

How Do You Get Better Discipline?

Warrior Workout Weighted Lunge
Easy… stick to the plan, all the way through, every time! When life sucks, shut your mouth, suck it up, and drive through! Or as one of the IR Warrior Clan, Warriors says, “When life gives you lemons, throw them back!”

The next time you set a goal, how about accomplishing it?!?! WOW! What a concept! America and even the world is such a “fast-food” society, that if they don’t get it in a second, they give up and say it can’t be done or it isn’t worth it, never really know the truth! The truth that there is always glory in the end, but only the true warriors ever get to see it and experience it. There are those that do, and there are those that are pathetically wishing it might become a little easier, so they can actually accomplish something.

Sgt. Guyett’s Story: Sacrifice, Discipline, and Tirelessness,

Warrior Workout Weighted Dips
As a United States Marine, I have been through the hardships and trials that carve sacrifice, discipline, and tirelessness into your soul. Here is the truth. I often reach a point where the plan is not going to be followed, at least not if I leave my logic up to it. I will find any excuse, justification, little ache, and minor pain to not perform the tasks needed for success. If I wake up in the morning tired, how do I push on tirelessly? What if my sacrifice and discipline has a limit? That is where the imagination comes in…

I have my First Priorities to keep me focused mand disciplined (i.e. God, Family, mCountry, Corps), but when those discipline- enabling motivations leave; God gifted all of us with an imagination, so I use it! For example:

Taliban is chasing me, they are training and trying to kill me right now, and what am I doing? I better go train! My family needs me to train, because if society collapses I am all they will have, and they are all I have. Food, water, and air is all a “crutch.” Suck it up, and keep moving! I am a machine and I don’t need know anything else but to progress toward my task with perfect rhythm and movement. My brothers are fighting the enemy and losing! The only way to help them is if I push through this set, exercise, rep, distance, weight, etc.

These are just a few of the imaginations I will run through to drive me toward my end goals. At the end of the day, you need to get the job done. If imagining the Taliban is after you works, use it. If quitting will result in you getting your head chopped off and put on a stick, you will probably get the job done. If you use any of those imaginations and it helped you to succeed, then mission accomplished, warrior!

Putting It All Together

Warrior Workout Weighted Pull Ups
Sacrifice, Discipline, and Tirelessness are all key traits that create your mental toughness. To have the mental toughness of a coffin nail, your sacrificial qualities will need to be no less than the warrior who puts his life on the line for his brother. Your discipline will border on crazy, and your tirelessness will have no limit. This mental toughness is the ability to go until the mission is accomplished, which takes the traits of sacrifice, discipline, and tirelessness, plus prioritization, motivation, and sometimes a little imagination. I challenge you today to let the Taliban go and see how far you push yourself. Just don’t give up and sit down, otherwise you might get your head cut off and put on a stick!

Check Out The Complete Warrior Workout Video Series Below!


Warrior Workout: Introduction


USMC Sgt. Aaron Guyett introduces a typical Warrior Training session at Innovative Results in Costa Mesa, CA. He lays out the structure and benefits of the routines performed during a 90 minute workout.


Warrior Workout: Warm Up


USMC Sgt. Aaron Guyett takes the Warrior Training Clan through a series of warm up exercises including 2-point and 4-point drills to prepare the group for the workout.


Warrior Workout: Calisthenics


USMC Sgt. Aaron Guyett conducts a series of timed sets for basic calisthenic exercises like the pull up, push up, sit up, crunch, squat, and more.


Warrior Workout: Knife Drills


USMC Sgt. Aaron Guyett conducts a series of knife drills including basic simulated knife fighting, “bobcat” drills, and knife retention. Each drill is designed to promote strength, speed, agility, and power.


Warrior Workout: Disorientation & Teamwork


USMC Sgt. Aaron Guyett takes the Warriors through a “disorientation” drill involving agility exercises, a head dunk, a slap, and tire flips. The group then perform a teamwork drill using a slosh pipe.

Aaron Guyett, a Marine Corps Sergeant and Innovative-Results Gym owner, specializes in Warrior Training. With his warrior heart and mind, he delivers tactful, strategic, and uncompromising results to our nation’s finest military, federal, state, and local agents, preparing each warrior physically, mentally, and spiritually for their highly specialized and arduous missions and tasks.
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