Onnit Kettlebell Starter KitStrongman training and unconventional training has become an integral part of most comprehensive strength training programs. Most athletes train using what are called “fixed movement patterns,” and breaking out of these can create a more balanced strength profile for athletes looking to improve their performance on the field or on the court.

Strongman training has many benefits, some of which include: loaded multi-directional (multi-planar) movements, greater ranges of mobility and dynamic stability, greater work capacity, and improved overall movement quality and potential; all of which help bridge the gap from the weight room to real world performance.

While strongman training methods differ in many aspects from traditional loaded strength training with dumbbells and barbells, the one thing that is universal to all movement is the requirement of good technique.

It goes without saying that good technique for any lift, movement, or exercise is essential for progression and decreasing your risk of injury. For today’s video, we’re going to show you the simplest and most efficient way to flip a tire.

6 Steps to the Tire Flip for Strongman Training

Step 1: Stand slightly back from the tire. (Standing too close can force your back to round before the lift even starts.)

Step 2: Load into the tire with your back straight, your chest against the tire, and your arms wide (and straight) against the face of the tire. (Lifting the tire straight up with your arms bent can put your biceps at risk for injury.)

Step 3: Drive your chest into the face of the tire by trying to run through it.

Step 4: As the end of the tire starts coming up, explode upward by driving one knee into the bottom of the tire.

Step 5: Quickly drive both hands into the bottom of the tire and powerfully push the tire over.

Step 6: Reset your stance and repeat.

6 Steps to the Tire Flip for Strongman Training